Suite 204

Suite 204 Features:

  • 606 Sq. ft. 
  • Rubber flooring
  • Extra high ceilings
  • Loft view area
  • Semi-private restroom & water fountain
  • Large storage closet
  • Ideal for rock climbing, racquet club, salt lounge, golf simulators, spin studio, etc.

PIWC Highlights:

  • All tenants focused on fitness, athletics, education &  wellness 
  • Tenants are synergistic, creating significant opportunity  for cross marketing 
  • Common spaces available to all tenants include: indoor running track, lobby with internet access, classrooms, and boys & girls locker rooms 
  • Opportunity for year-round skills & agility training, education & wellness activities
  • Unique training environment with programs & activities for everyone
  • 57,424 sq. ft. rentable space for long-term lease